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enera Podcast: Dr. Jutta Fortmann on Human Centered Design

Anastasia Garies
Content Managerin
Anastasia Garies
Content Managerin

As an user experience engineer, my goal is to develop interactive systems with an excellent user experience or to improve existing systems in this respect. Humans and machines should complement each other optimally and work together in harmony. My tasks as an engineer include the planning, control and monitoring of processes and methods that lead to achieving this goal. In addition, I actively support the processes by conducting user research and workshops on various focal points, such as brainstorming and testing prototypes.

In the enera project I am working on the development of a so-called interface of energy. This interactive interface will enable communication between users and the future energy system. We want to turn people from passive energy consumers into actors in the energy system so that they can benefit directly from new possibilities of the future energy system and participate in the system. For the development of the interface of energy we use methods of human-centered design. Characteristic of this approach is the constant involvement of the target group throughout the entire development process. This approach enables solutions to be developed based on the real needs of the target group - right from the start. 

You want more information? In her blog post on how can we support people locally, Dr. Jutta Fortmann explains even more precisely how the needs of future users can be determined.

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