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The students on the semester project at the Jade University

Anastasia Garies
Content Managerin
Anastasia Garies
Content Managerin

As you have already noticed, we have launched a "small" semester project with students of the Media Management and Journalism course at Jade University. In the following article you can find out what the students' point of view is, what their goals and ideas are!

"In the media project 2 of the Media Management and Journalism course of studies at Jade University Wilhelmshaven, about 20 students have set themselves the task of supporting enera. In order to advance this project, 30.000 intelligent electricity meters must be installed in the regions of Wittmund, Friesland, Aurich and Emden.

For example, how do we get homeowners in Jever to install such "futuristic" electricity meters? That is precisely our task. We want to bring enera into people's minds in the region - and possibly also outside it. This project is important to us because renewable energies are the future and we want to be part of this transformation. In this sense, living here in northern Germany is a privilege, here the share of renewables is in part around 235%. What kind of a luxury problem - right?

So how do we get attention for this so important project. There are enough ideas: From an energy-themed escape game, an enera sheep on the dike to an entire festival, we have thought in all directions. Maybe you could write a thriller with a Frisian author and the enera community online. Or perhaps a flyer stand at the Aurich weekly market is the better option. What if a cooperation with local sports clubs could be established and a Friesian sports championship could be organized? Or is a public "start the bbq season" flash mob with music more popular?

About three weeks ago we started to think about these topics. We are supported by Djure Meinen, Blogger Relations specialist from Varel. Furthermore we got to know Frank and Kim from enera and now we discuss our ideas with them.

After the first phase of brainstorming, some decisions have to be made: Which channels do we focus the communication on? Which actions can be implemented and above all: which idea brings us a little bit closer to the enera goal?  To decide this we now need your help! We will take the enera community on our journey through the semester. We will report on our successes (hopefully more than our failures) and therefore want everyone who is interested to share their opinion with us. 

What idea appeals to you? Where would you like to be?  We will try to implement it.

It is important to us that we get in contact with you, the people in the region, and thus help enera forward together. " - The students.

And now the implementation is finally underway! Enough with the planning, enough with the talking - from now on we test! Like and follow our Facebook page and stay up to date. 

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