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Alfred Cornelius is convinced of PV systems

Anastasia Garies
Content Managerin
Anastasia Garies
Content Managerin

During the enera roadtrip, when Kim and Frank circled the enera model region, they also stopped in Norddeich. Actually, only to set up camp at night at the "Nordsee-Camp" campsite. As luck would have it, they met Mr. Cornelius there. And he had some interesting stories from his life ready.

Alfred Cornelius, a trained retail salesman and now over 70 years old, took over the campsite supermarket some 40 years ago and made it what it is today: a magnet for all guests of the "Nordsee-Camp" in Norddeich. This has to do especially with the fresh, home-baked rolls, which the Cornelius family offers their customers almost from the very beginning. The family business is particularly proud of this service.

By now Sabine Cornelius, the daughter, runs the supermarket. Mr. Cornelius is in well-earned retirement, but he still cannot sit still. So he continues to help diligently, especially when the daughter takes time for her young children.

For Mr. Cornelius, family is the most important thing in life. If that doesn't work, even a great deal won't do much good. But of course business is also a very important factor. Balance is crucial, but in the end the family comes first.  

Keeping An Eye On Everything - Including Power Consumption And Costs

He has experienced a lot in his life and worked a lot, 100-hour weeks were no exception. He wasn't idle outside the supermarket either.

He built his first house on his own in the 1970s. He still lives there with his wife and is extremely proud of the condition of the house, above all because improvements are made time and again.

He is also enthusiastic about energy issues and uses his resources sparingly. He measures the consumption of individual consumers with electricity meters. He has also had PV systems installed both on his house and on the houses of his children. Smiling, he says that as soon as the sun shines, all machines are started. He also knows from his own experience that investing in good insulation pays off. He does not understand how some house builders ignore this and only pay attention to the apparently low purchase price.

He is not yet sure whether he would like to interact with his energy consumption. After all, he already has a good overview. In addition, he does not use a smartphone, so no app concepts would be an option for him. But this is all a question of generation. In general, however, he supports the approach of making electricity and energy consumption more transparent for consumers.  

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