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enera as a Semester Project at the Jade University

Anastasia Garies
Content Managerin
Anastasia Garies
Content Managerin

Just a moment ago we were at the primary school children in Varel and now we are at the campus of the Jade University in Wilhelmshaven. What an educational journey! However, we are not on site to educate ourselves, but we are a subject of the curriculum - a semester project.

Therefore, the reason for our visit to the students of the BA degree programme "Media Economics and Journalism" is a very special one.

Our friend Djure Meinen, who has made a name for himself throughout Germany as a social media expert and blogger, has his first teaching assignment here.

In short, it is designed to teach students how social media and other forms of online communication work.
And so that they can put their newly acquired skills into practice, they will be directly involved in the enera energy transition project and support us in virtual communication.

Students, some of whom also come from the model region, will not develop a theoretical concept, but will develop and test implementable ideas from the outset.

Testing and Implementing Ideas

And this approach is exactly the same as enera's: quickly test and implement concepts and examine their functionality.

While the course participants gain practical experience, we hope that this collaboration will generate new impulses and creative ideas that we can use in our online communication. 
The fact that many of the students also come from the model region, i. e. bring in regional knowledge, is another positive aspect. 

We will accompany this course with the greatest possible openness and concrete support and will share relevant results and progress with you. The coming weeks will be exciting!

Got curious? You can find all the important background information on the field of studies on the website of the Jade University and background information on Djure on his homepage

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