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After the start of the enera project - at the beginning of the year - we start talking to more and more people. We have already reported from Jever and introduced the Kasper printing house. This time the report comes from the district of Wittmund. From Marx near Friedeburg, to be precise.

"Honestly," Immo Weidner begins our conversation, "I know that we pay for electricity that is not produced at all. If, for example, the grid is no longer able to absorb wind power, all the turbines are turned out of the wind except one and then, on the basis of this reference, the remuneration is paid for all the mills in the park. Like they turned, too. Why don't we use electricity to heat the water in the heaters of hundreds of homes?"

We Pay for Electricity That Is Not Produced at All

Immo Weidner is not an energy industry expert, but has a bright mind. A few years ago, the designer started his own business with ibw+. He has his office in the premises of M&D Flugzeugbau in Marx near Friedeburg in the district of Wittmund. M&D is one of his clients, but also many others who appreciate his keen eye for problems and tasks. Together with his colleagues, for example, he has just developed an innovative drone.

It Is Not Only About Transparency, But Also About Allocation

Immo is convinced of digitization, as he believes that some processes would otherwise not be possible. Data exchange has also become much simpler. Trends such as 3D printing also play an important role for him and his work. He finds the topic of digitization in the energy industry to be very exciting:"For me, it's not only about transparency, but also the allocation. Where is the energy consumed, how much and when? We have induction cookers and a high demand for hot water here in production, and I'm already looking for optimisation potential." An interesting point in the energy transition debate.

He would also like to have an intelligent meter in his private life. He lives for rent and might have to coordinate with his landlord. "But he's nice," says Immo and smiles mischievously. You notice that he really wants to try and discover new things.

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