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"We could place a fancy quote here to promote the event - do we need something like that? So many are doing that!"
pitchX Designer – ambitious greenhorn

pitchX - the enera competition for startups

On June 19th, 2018, you have the chance to shape the future of the Energiewende in the City Accelerator Bremen!

  • Your pitch in the categories energy transition, customer interaction or digitization
  • Your chance to receive orders of up to € 50,000 per category *
  • Your access to the enera partner network
  • Your ideas as part of the energy transition
  • Large audience, huge media reach, cool prizes


The application deadline has passed and the maximum amount of visitors has been reached. Feel free to give us a buzz on if you want to register for our waiting list. In case of available seats, we will get back to you!

*The main prizes for the three winning teams consist of one project contract each, which are developed in cooperation with EWE AG, and which will be executed based on mutual agreement.

How do projects worth € 50.000 sound to you?
Ring ring, jingeling

Do you want to enter the pitchX arena? Present your vision to us? Be part of enera? Apply now for pitchX – the enera startup competition!

Fill out our questionnaire and describe the mutual use case which you envision for a partnership.

As soon as we have received your application, we will start screening your documents and check, if all formal requirements are fulfilled. Together with a team of experts we will then decide, if your application is convincing. We might call you for further inquiries at this point. If this evaluation is positive, you will be invited to join us in Bremen on June 19th, 2018.

For the pitch you should have a convincing presentation of your vision, your team and your idea. Apart from the pitch itself, you should be prepared for the following questions:

What is the additional value of your innovation to enera? What are the essential steps towards realization? So, what would we get for 50.000 Euro? We will collect the answers right before June 19th allowing for the jury to also judge your pitch with respect to the feasibility of a possible co-development project within the enera.

If there are any questions concerning the application procedure feel free to contact us anytime.


The application deadline has passed and the maximum amount of visitors has been reached. Feel free to give us a buzz on if you want to register for our waiting list. In case of available seats, we will get back to you!

…and what's more:

As a participant you should have a functioning prototype of your product as a minimal requirement. You should also be able to submit an offer for a development contract. We will assist you with this task with our easy-to-use offer template.

With our co-development projects we are aiming at lasting partnerships, so please keep in mind, that after a first project, follow-up contracts are possible and desired. You are thus invited to include this as a perspective into your description of our mutual use case, if you like.

For all participating teams we will provide the accommodation for up to two persons and we will cover a share of the travel expenses, if you are travelling with Deutsche Bahn.

Smash the stage, convince us and blast off with us!
pitchX jury
Wants to be convinced and is ready for take off

At the enera startup competition you have 5 minutes to convince the jury and the audience with your idea and vision in one of the 3 categories in the enera context:


  • Solutions for a decentralized and dynamic system
  • Products that support the shift from consumer to prosumer
  • Innovative approaches for the energy market or the intelligent grid


  • Need-driven and customer-centric solutions characterized by simplicity
  • New technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, bots etc.
  • Future-oriented offers for generation C


  • New hardware and software solutions (e.g. connected sensors, blockchain, data science, artificial intelligence)
  • Automation and robotics techniques
  • Platform approaches
  • Smart Analytics

pitchX: Timetable of the event

16:00 Doors open

16:30 Get-Together with some drinks

17:00 Welcome and enera presentation

17:20 Keynote: Presentation Punk

17:40 1st pitch session

18:20 Networking / Snacks

19:00 2nd pitch session

21:00 Awards and aftershow

pitchX: Presentation Punk keynote

Zum Auftakt des Abends dürfen wir Euch keinen Geringeren als den "Presentation Punk" Dominic André Stühler von der Punk Academy präsentieren! Getreu dem Motto "FUCK EDUCATION - Wir schaffen schlechtes Lernen und Lehrer ab", wird Euch der Presentation Punk direkt, lauthals und wunderschön ehrlich ein paar Wörter zum Thema des Abends mit auf den Weg geben. Wir freuen uns drauf!

"Einst Schul- und Studienabbrecher – heute Pionier bei der Entwicklung erfolgreicher und effektiver Lernmethoden und gefragter Speaker. Mit der von ihm gegründeten Punk Academy schafft er schlechtes Lernen und schlechte Lehrer ab. Effizient lernt nur der, der mit dem richtigen Mindset Erfahrungen außerhalb der eigenen Komfortzone sammelt. Aus diesem Ansatz entwickelt die Punk Academy mit den Business War Games die wahrscheinlich effizienteste Weiterbildungsmaßnahme auf dem Markt."

pitchX: Your warm-up pitch-training!

How about some professional input for your pitch?

We have arranged a Warm-up Pitch-Training for you:

On May 24th, 2018, an exclusive pitch-workshop will take place between 1pm – 6pm at the University of Oldenburg. Sounds handy? It definitely is, especially the pricing: Students pay 20€ per person, start-ups (up to 5 years of existence) 40€ pp and fully founded companies (from 6 years of existence on) 80€ pp.

What do you get for your bucks? Professionel feedback on your content! Professional content for pitches! Input for your individual style of pitching! Support for what to do with your wiggly hands! And all of that with the dear help of video analysis – we don't miss a thing!

If you feel like improving your pitching style or if you just want to get some final approvement before the pitchX-event, hop on the train and get one of the few seats available!

What are we doing all day long?

The project enera creates new concepts by mixing diverse perspectives and innovative ideas. Driven by the goal of bringing startups and corporates closer together, we want to learn from each other and thus push energy transition.

We deal with topics that boost both energy transition and digitization to strengthen customer relationships. You should have a clear picture of what and especially why we do what we do. In addition, we want to get to know you as a startup with all your motivation and intentions.

Branded as "Smart Energy Network", enera allows both sides access to ideas and innovations. The startup DNA – drive, creativity and entrepreneurship – is already deeply rooted in the enera project and will be further strengthened by the pitchX event.

For questions, ambiguities or out of pure curiosity

Hauke Held

+49 (0) 441 4805 5151

Michael Richter

+49 (0) 441 4805 5121


enera is part of SINTEG - a collaborative research project supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

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