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"What is happening here is happening nowhere else in the world."
Andreas Radczinski

Andreas Radczinski is interested in digitization in the energy industry

Frank Glanert
Frank Glanert

Andreas Radczinski works in network planning at EWE NETZ GmbH in Varel. As a trained electrical fitter and foreman in electrical engineering, the 46-year-old is now planning the grid connections for a wide variety of regenerative systems.

"The spectrum ranges from large wind turbines and their internal parking cabling to biogas and photovoltaic systems," explains Andreas. It is particularly exciting to deal with very different people who invest in their own energy generation plants. In addition to his work at the desk, he is also in the field for concrete coordination with farmers, private and industrial companies in order to bring the projects to concrete implementation.

Dealing With Very Different People is Exciting

At home he also has his own PV system on the roof. This is designed in such a way that it is sufficient to cover its own power consumption in particular. The initiator for the installation was his wife Ramona, who wanted to do something concrete after the reactor accident in Fukushima. The two have worked their way into the economic efficiency and technology of the plant and finally installed it. 

As we talk about it, Andreas realizes that many of his neighbors and friends have followed his example. "Yes, I think that one or two became aware of the technology through us," says Radczinski. And he could also remember various conversations with acquaintances who had the background explained and then became active themselves. Word of mouth works quite well in this area.

Only Very Few People Get Involved in "Gimmicks"

Andreas is convinced that the topic of digitization in the energy industry will also meet with interest among many others as soon as the technology is in place and the intelligent meter can be used for transparency and perhaps even for controlling the electrical devices. As a technician, he naturally follows the development with great interest and would like to be one of the first to use a smart meter and get to know its advantages. At present, however, the interest of private households or also that of his project customers is not particularly high. Andreas fears that the topic is not yet sufficiently tangible and that financial benefits are often in the foreground. Only very few would get involved in any "gimmicks".

Andreas considers enera's approach of lowering the entry hurdles for the individual with a funding project and thus making the region as a whole a pioneer "super good": "What happens here happens nowhere else in the world.

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