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A Personal Report About New Ways of Working
Frank Glanert
enera Go2Market

Our Move to the enera Open Space: A New Experience

Frank Glanert
Frank Glanert

Some changes are announced long before or go hand in hand with other developments. Some things don't come as expected and other things are difficult for us to imagine. We're moving. But what does this move mean for us?

Basically only a few meters away. Yes, already in another building. And yet into a completely new working environment. We leave the familiar homeliness of our closed offices and move into the enera Open Space. But not one of those open-plan offices with a somewhat hip name. This is really new. And I still can't imagine how it will be.

Crowded? There is no Shortage of Space in enera Open Space

I have been surrounded by this familiar environment for more than 15 years now, which is familiar to almost every office worker. In between, it seemed to me as if we were sitting like rabbits in their wooden boxes. Often enough it rebelled in me when I sat behind my desk in the morning. My "inner child" seemed to sling its legs dangling on the swivel chair from the edge of the table with the legs dangling above the floor and to turn once in the round. 

To conclude after five minutes that this is now enough and boring. How? We - that is, me and my inner child - are going to sit here all day long? all day long? Never ever. Rebellion. But only in my head, of course.

Open Space Concept Introduces New ways of working

The impending change has been apparent for a long time. In the last few months I have come to know completely different ways of working within the framework of project work and have rediscovered my own competencies: in our "warroom" the walls can be written on all around. We often work standing up, developing project content, customer journeys and profiles on metaplan walls and flip charts. In any case, we are much more in contact with each other and in small groups in cooperative exchange than I had known before. In our own premises and also outside in the region and with partners.

For me, new haptic and spatial experiences were quite illuminating. Body and mind function completely differently if the stimuli do not only play on a screen in front of the nose. When survey results are not trapped in documents and tables, but become alive and truly "comprehensible" in space

The Form of the enera Open Space Office Follows Its Functions

This new way of working was limited by the offices and their furnishings. A move to other premises was planned anyway. An open-plan office with fixed workstations had already been set up there. However, this did not in any way meet the wishes of the team - as became clear from a structured survey. Of course there are different preferences, but in the end all members of the very heterogeneous and interdisciplinary team wanted one thing above all else: to get out! 

Get out of the spatial limitations that break down the structure and "move around in space". After a long planning and reconstruction phase, the move is now due. To what extent will my personal wishes and preferences be fulfilled?

Initial Restlessness as the Biggest Problem of the Open Space Concept

Everyone arrives little by little. I'm sitting in one of the deck chairs. Just because it works. My "possessions" just fit into one of the trolley-like containers. I have also learned to reduce myself. In my old job I had about 40 files that moved with me regularly. The trolley is actually too small. I'll be all right. Of course there is a bit of restlessness with the move, but I have the feeling that the acoustics are quite good overall. My advantage is that I enjoy working with people - in cafés or open areas. Maybe not everyone around here can do that. 

My problem is rather the large format charts, which I have from the profile development. They fit well on the mobile container under the personal desk. Here, everyone picks his place in the morning. Or the flipchart recordings that were hanging on the office wall for editing. Where to put it? It's going to be a change. My imagination is not yet enough to imagine it all. But I notice that I feel little resistance. This is very much in keeping with me and my way of working. This makes it easy to get started...

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