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Within the framework of the enera FAQ we rely on a mix of employees and artificial intelligence, i.e. we train our system daily in order to be able to send you the appropriate answers automatically and yet personally around the clock.

When using the enera ChatBot, please refrain from using sensitive data. The terms of use (AGB) of Google Dialogflow apply. However, if further contact requires the transmission of personal data, we will take your request to another, secure channel such as telephone or e-mail.

The ChatBot is still under construction!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I participate in enera?
  • Why should I participate in enera?
  • What happens after I register with enera?
  • How does the installation process of the measuring equipment work?
  • Is participation in enera free of charge?
  • What is an intelligent measuring system?
  • What is a modern measuring system?
  • When is the installation of an intelligent measuring system mandatory?
  • How is data protection and data security guaranteed?
  • What does the digitalisation of the energy system transformation mean?
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