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"Jugend forscht" in Oldenburg and the TECHLAB

Anastasia Garies
Content Managerin
Anastasia Garies
Content Managerin

Everyone probably still knows the "Jugend forscht" competition from his own school days, after all, it has now been taking place for over 50 years. 
The big goal: to get children and young people excited about so-called MINT topics in the long term.

In order to have the best projects compete against each other in the final at federal level, regional and state competitions are organised in advance.
And such a state competition took place on 07.04.2018 in Oldenburg. The TECHLAB also found a spot between the students to present itself and its ideas.

47 projects by 88 children

Christian Arnold, who co-founded enera and now heads the EWE innovation department, moderated the event. Not only did he delight the students with marshmellows, a photo of enera Open Space also left a visible impression.

And to demonstrate to children and parents what is being developed at enera TECHLAB, the TECHLAB team set up its own stand.

After the award ceremony the interest was great, especially the VR-glasses fascinated the young and the old. But also the 3D-printer and the AR-glasses provided a lot of entertainment. During the waiting times, the TECHLAB provided background information and was able to enthuse visitors about the new technology trends.

A Personal Summary of the "Jugend forscht" State Competition

This was my first "Jugend forscht" event, during my school years I was more interested in other things. What a pity, because I was very impressed by the award ceremony. The children have not only set up interesting projects and even recorded them correctly in terms of methodology, they have also taken up currently relevant aspects such as environmental protection.

I hope that these young researchers will stay focused and continue to pursue their goals! I also felt extremely positive about the balanced ratio of boys and girls - a little more diversity definitely can't hurt the STEM industries.

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