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enera + Dein Deichrad: Third Location in Varel

Frank Glanert
Frank Glanert

Since the beginning of 2018, the non-profit association "Dein Deichrad" and enera have been working together. The aim of the association is to set up a free transport bike rental service at various locations on the East Frisian peninsula. enera supports the association by providing the bikes of the #eneraroadtrip. In this way, the rental system is to be established for mutual benefit and people are to be made aware of the project.

With Varel "Dein Deichrad" has now established its third location.

After Wilhelmshaven and Jever: Varel as Third Location

The idea of the free freight bike rental for Friesland and East Frisia is spreading. By now, the first important experiences with the booking system, user behaviour, acceptance and also locations could be gained. These experiences have been incorporated into the further design of the free service.  In Jever the first club-owned bike was bought. The model was selected on the basis of the findings collected up to that time and named "Maria" in accordance with the city of Mary. Maria has been on the road in Jever since April and can also transport luggage or shopping in addition to children.

In other places, the initiative is being closely monitored. Many people are interested in such a rental system, which makes it possible to test the otherwise expensive bikes and at least occasionally transfer distances that would otherwise be covered by car to the bike. 
The initiators of the association know from their own experience that a small, active group on site and also interested retailers are required as a lending station to get the idea going. And such a group has now formed itself in Varel and the "surplus" wheel from Jever was transferred to Varel.

There are Several Active People in Varel

When Knut Blancke - one of the founders of the organisation - arrived in Varel with the same bike on a Thursday afternoon at the end of April, he met old acquaintances and new faces. 

A few weeks ago both enera bikes were already at Büppel primary school as part of a project week. The teachers of this school are on site with new ideas, as well as other interested people.

Werner Loreck would like to deliver his sustainably produced tea with the bike in the future. The company emerged from a student company and is now being continued on site. Loreck can also imagine to buy a transport wheel himself. He wants to try out the free offer and see if he can deliver the tea to the merchants in Varel.

Uwe Brennecke, in his function as chairman of the Förderverein of Oberschule Arngaster Straße, thinks above all of student companies. The bicycle repair shop could take up the subject and delivery services are also conceivable from his point of view. 

And of course Bettina Harms is also involved. She works in the shop of Sascha Schöbel, who offered his sports shop as a lending station. The first experiences are very positive: people are interested and the lending process itself is uncomplicated. 

With This Cooperation We are Satisfying a Concrete Need

It is important to us that ideas are put into practice. Even those who come up in the network on site and perhaps at first glance have nothing to do with the enera project. 

During last year's enera roadtrip, various people expressed a specific need: To test such bikes and integrate them into their own everyday life and to see how this works for them.

The fact that the organisation Dein Deichrad was founded shortly afterwards was a stroke of luck for both sides: the organisation can use enera bikes to gain important experience. And we approach very different people in the region, through our motivation to do something different. Maybe they want to try something else in terms of digitization and power supply, too? 
Either way, we get to know people, on whose cooperation we are dependent to be successful with enera. And that is reason enough to continue on the path we have chosen.

Let's make things!

Do you have an idea, that you would like to put into practice? Talk to us, maybe we can start something together.
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